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Lost Discs Jockeys!!!

Jim E. Night
At 5 years old I began borrowing 45s from my Aunt Barb and Uncle Keith - all records from the mid & late 50s. This revolution continued when I was given a similar collection of about 300 45s a few years later by a lady down the street; let's call her, "Ethel". But, like other things in youth, these records were eventually forsaken and about two-thirds thrown out with the milk cartons (dear old mom). Well, I've made it my mission to remember and find ALL of the long lost records from my childhood collection. I think I've got 'em all, and along the way I've discovered tons of other great obscurities. I spin them here for you to dig!
The enigmatic self proclaimed "creative force" behind most of the music produced on earth over the past several eons. Doc has super powers, such as being able to listen to the "Lost Discs Radio Show" through his wood-grained Pioneer SX 450 located in his basement, while in his backyard watching his mulching pile decompose. In his spare time, he enjoys taking entire vintage automobiles apart, and then putting them back together in the exact same way they originally were before he took them apart. One of Doc's early influences was his grandfather, Rev. Doctor Doc Brown who coincidentally is also his namesake, and wrote the lyrics to the 1912 classic "I Wanna Dance Soooo Bad". Because his brother was also named after grandpa, and Doc's dad's name was Bubba Brown, our Doc's official moniker is The Honorable Doctor Doc Brown Jr. III, MBSA. Doc loves trivia, and is hoping to get a segment of his own on the show titled "Stump the Doctor Good" In fact, he has a question for you. The first person to email what the title MBSA stands for will receive a special prize, and mention on the show. Here's a hint: He really means that last part.

Dr. Doc Brown

(the honorable) Joe Stax
I landed in York, Pa back in '66, and was lucky to have a big
sister (named Jo) who was already hip to the sounds of the day.
Thanks to her influence, a load of old fan mags and a pile of records she
left behind when she moved out, the bedrock of my interests were formed.
Years later, when I met Jim E. at the state U, he was already deep into
finding those wild sounds from out of the past, and he hipped me up to
o' stuff I'd never even heard of before...
And so, under the influence of Nuggets, Pebbles (not the fruity kind,
either), and Boulders, I started diggin' thru mines of vinyl for ever more crazed and obscure sounds...
a mania that continues to this day.

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