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Fan Gallery:
These fans know how to
"stick it to the MAN, Man"
by diggin' their oldies on
The Lost Discs Radio Show!!!

Click the pic above to watch video of Lost Discs Radio
mysteriously appear on Good Morning America's
coverage of Groundhog Day 2008!
(stickin' it to the man AND his shadow, man!)


Eric (of Indiana) rigs up a longwire in his back yard to
increase his reception of WBCQ (7415 & 5110kHz)
to better dig the show!

[photo by Sherry]


Mr. Bil (of Arizona) enjoys delicious snax during his
1st date with our Lost Discs Intern...

[photo by Chesty]

This swingin' scene sent in by Rockin' Art Lewis [pictured] - (photo by Trixie)


A recent listener displays his displeasure during a live show.


Who knows what the future holds?

Allan H. Weiner (of WBCQ) professing his "luv" at the little known
'SummerFest' in the old Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA

A copycat fan is less successful.


Berkeley in the 60s!
[photographer unknown]


Tasha Femkins modeling her
Lost Discs Radio t-shirt

Tasha on "retreat" years earlier
at the now defunct Complex Variables Compound

A young Michael Ketter groovin' to his shortwave set

JimE. & Chesty arguing over the playlist

Doc scavenging for records at a
roadside dump in New Hampshire

Doc Brown & Otto B. Schott enjoying a moment together


Rabishu Xul - a true Lost fan

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