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WBCQ-The Planet
This is the shortwave radio station (7.415 & 5.110MHz) where we "stick it to the MAN, man" by broadcasting The Lost Discs Radio Show every Friday from 10-11pm Eastern Time.

Radio Free Mount Airy
Home of The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show (as heard over WBCQ 7.415MHz 6:00pm Eastern U.S. Time!)

Brad sez, you're going to listen and you're going to enjoy this because I'm telling you to!

Psych Of The South
Psych of the South's mission is to document the rural south's contribution to the psychedelic, garage, and underground music genres of the late 1960s by researching regional bands, establishing communication with former band members, offering their music through download, and creating a portal for psychedelic music fans to trade and collect their music, while learning the band's story.

The Last Radio Station
This is an experiment in online broadcasting which deliberately avoids any resemblance to any kind of "format".  The Last Radio Station is truly the last stand for what used to be called freeform radio.  To put it another way, The Last Radio Station is like the weather... if you don't like what's playing now, stick around and something entirely different will be up next.  Who cares if the FCC wouldn't grant us a license?  We'll get our audience the old-fashioned way-  we'll EARN it. 

BO DIDDLEY-The Originator
A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.
1955 to 2005 - Celebrating 50 Years In Music!

The "Hit" Records Project
Incredible site & index dedicated to the ultra low budget HIT Records Label of Nashville.

Ugly Things Fanzine
The ultimate rock'n'roll read, bringing you wild sounds from past dimensions...

Rockin' Radio
A fabulous internet station specializing in the very best of rare & obscure oldies.
Great DJs, professional sound, loads of fun!

Here's a place to go if you're into collecting "Lost Discs". With articles on vinyl care & storage, recording & noise reduction, record collection appraisal, record labels, ect... this is THE site for record collectors!

Rock 'n' Records
The home of good 'ol vinyl

The Garage
Here's an ultra-cool site for crazed fans of Garage Band Music from the 60s & today!

MusicTracker is an inventory system for your unique vinyl collection.
Includes the complete price guide to records by Jerry Osborne. Point! Click! Collect!

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